Year Books!

Year books!



Year books are the thing most of us students look for at

 The end of the year. It is just so cool to get the books have them in your hand, relive past memories, and glance through the pictures. Everyone waits anxiously till this day comes. Happiness arrives when year books are handed, everyone is so happy smiling, laughing, it’s the motive for everyone’s talk in school. The most exciting of all is getting  the signatures of all your friends, fellow class mates, other students and teachers. Its just on of those times when you fell special, seeing what everyone wrote and all that stuff. This year for me the year book was especially special because well, I always waited for my time to see my name written on a senior’s page. Since my brother is graduating this year, my time came, and my name was placed in his page. Also since I know very well my brothers class, I could relate perfectly with what they wrote and also I could connect with them. As well as meaning happiness year books bring sadness to my life, it means saying good bye. Year books mean a remembrance of life,  your childhood years. But also it means seeing people leave, remembering them again, but also picturing the wonderful friendship you once had. WOW, It is so incredible how fast the year has past, it has been a wonderful one I have to say. As they say you always leave the best for the end, and yearbooks come into that category. I will always remember my friend due to this book because I know that in a couple of years when I am older I can look back at this, and say AHH.. I remember that, or ohh… yeah she was my friend, or even when you’re a senior or something you look back at the yearbook and say, I looked so small in that picture. I have to say year books are more like memory books, but as the quote says: Not even Kodak can picture all those crazy moments we have had. Graduation is a few days to come, and this makes me very happy, but it also means saying good bye. So you know when ever or if you ever need to remember some one or relive a time, you can just look  at the year book, glance through it and with that, at least a small part will come back.

Seeing People Leave

   Seeing People Leave



 Life gives us many things, and one of those wonderful ones is loving. Loving those who love you, loving the people in their good and bad times, loving them even though they are not with you, supporting them, and showing them that you will be there for them unconditionally; no matter what. Life would be perfect if you could keep with you those that you love, but since life doesn’t work that way, you will one day wake and realize that you will se people leave your life. This past year, I have gotten the opportunity of meeting new people, people who have changed my life, people who I will soon see leave. These are people who I can call true friends. This year I have also had the opportunity to get along better with some one, someone who I call my brother. He is 18, and as a young man, he awaits many more opportunities, and the best one is college, he will be going to Tufts University, a very good University located on the outskirts of Boston. I am very proud of him because he worked really hard to get, in, this was his first choice. Part of me wishes he should of never gotten in, he should of never have applied, he should  just stay her with me. I love him, with all my heart, despite all our fights, I look up to him a lot I admire him, and I want him to know that I will miss him. The hardest thing in life, is to see people leave, and he my brother, fills up a part in my heart, a room in the house, and a space in my memory, and with all my will, I would wish I didn’t have to see him leave. We fight a lot, I know, but that what brothers do. I know that what he does is to protect me, and every time I look back at those moment in which, I use to say were pointless, every day more build up to be more significant, and even more, to be special. My brother is an extremely special person, one with a exceptional character and a beautiful heart, a heart which is open to love. He has left foot prints in my heart, and has implanted valuable lessons in my life, I would like to say, that I love him so so much, admire him even more, and I am going to miss him the triple. The hardest I will do this year, is see the people I love, like you, leave my life, and transition into another one. Good luck to everyone leaving, I hope you have a wonderful year, I will miss you, and I hope you keep in touch.



Trust is the base for every relationship you carry on earth, weather it has to do with your family, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend, trust is needed. What is trust? Trust is having confidence in others, believing that they will not let you down, and imagining that they will say the truth no matter what. You can say how can this tinny word have such an impact in relationships, but I’ll tell you how. With your family trust is primarily important to have freedom. Let’s say you want to go to this party really badly, and your mom does not let you because she doesn’t think it is appropriate, is this fair? Depends, but you probably don’t think it is. So you tell your mom you are going to a friend’s house, but you really are not. If your mom finds out she will notice that you lied to her, and if you don’t tell her the truth how can she trust you, if she won’t know if your going to commit to your word or if you are going to betray her and lie. See how important trust can be? Now with your friends it gets complicated, but you simply just have to go with having confidence in them and believe that everything they will do is to help you. One situation which demonstrates trust is lets say your are completely in love with this guy and finally he asks you out and you pass weeks or even months with him happily, and your friend tells you, I saw him with another girl. Probably your first reaction will be, don’t lie he loves me, why are you trying to separate us. Here you betrayed the trust of your friend because you didn’t have confidence in her, and that she was saying the truth, maybe at this point you might of have lost your friends confidence because trust has to be mutual, do give trust you have to trust. In a love relationship it goes with the same principal just trust. I personally believe that there is no point in being jealous because if you trust you will no that that person shall ever leave you if he loves you inof. I have to say one more thing about trust and that is that no matter what the people that love you are the ones that you should trust because they will do what is best for you.



I am sure that everyone has a friend, might it be that you have many or only one you have someone special to refer to when you have problems. Friends are people who are crucial to your day to day life, they enlighten the morning by smiling or by simply greeting you with the warm touch of there words. Friends are people who you know that no matter what, or when you can count on them to help you, and lastly friends are people you trust and believe in. I am writing this entry today because once again I remembered those beautiful moments and memories I once had with my friends, they punctured wholes in my hear thinking that I would not be seeing some of them next year. It is always hard to leave friend behind, but you know that in your next destination new ones will come along. The hardest thing of all I believe is seeing friends leave, imagining that you might never see them again, and deeply hoping that communication might still live between the miles of distance which might fore ever separate the wonderful friendship you once had. A true friendship shall never be cut, if it is strong, no matter when or where it will always remain. Someone once told me a short poem which I want to share with you, this is how it goes: Close to home
Or miles Apart
Friends are always
Close in heart.
I believe this short poem to be very true, because friends shall always be friends, being in China, Antarctica, or Australia, but a friend is always a friend. I have another quote which I frequently refer to and this is how it goes; ¨ friends are like starts the come and go but the ones that stay are the ones that glow.¨ I have to say that no matter what I will try to sustain my friendship, not let the miles separate it, and communicate with those who have left my site on a daily basis. I would like to always keep my friends close to me, but since life doesn’t work that way, the only remedy is to keep in touch. I want to thank all my friends for the wonderful times we have had. Lastly I would like to say that I dedicate this blog entry to all the people who are leaving this year, because they are my friends and they have made my year wonderful and entertaining.

8th Grade Trip- Manuel Antonio!


Recently we came back from Manuel Antonio the place where were for our eight grade trip. We had a great time performing all the wonderful activities they had for us, such as rafting and canopy at TURU BARI. I have to say that this trip has led to so many memories which will never bee forgotten. The trip not only consisted of memories but also of unforgettable thoughts and feelings. There are no words to describe this trip, all was good the people, the activities, the food, the bus, etc… Time passed and suddenly it was Friday, no one wanted the trip to end… Time flew, and every second more the clocked ticked the hour to leave, the desire to stay was still alive but nothing could hold back the hours, we couldn’t hold time back. All of what was done in this trip was fabulous, but in my opinion the best was rafting and the beach. We had such a fun time; I loved the people who I spent my time with in this trip, many of which I can say are my friends. The teachers were very cool, I have to admit I didn’t think they were going to be this way I thought stuff was going to be much more stressful but in general it came out great. The fashion show was a success and it came out absolutely gorgeous, it came out really good; I loved the idea of the designers. The prices were great and I agreed with the decision of the judges, it couldn’t have turned out better. The trip has brought everyone a great happiness, but there is only one sad part and that is that this is the last trip with some of my friends. With some of which have marked a significant difference in my life and some of which I have memories of which I will never forget. ¨Friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life, ¨ and that’s way it is so hard to let go of them. This trip has proven that no situation could end a friendship, and that no mater what the memories off all those wonderful times will stay with you. That no one or nothing can separate a friend, and that our hearts shall always remain together. With no further a due I can say that I loved this trip and it takes a special memory which with me will always remain, and that this trip seals one more fantastic chapter in my remarkable book of life.

Something New

Something New

 As all bloger there comes a time when you run out of ideas, and that time has arrived for me. I have been bloging on Places and Cultures around the world, but I came to the point where I couldn’t find a place or culture to blog about, I simply ran out of ideas. Today is Thursday, April 23, and I just got the news that in about two weeks I will be starting school at 7 o’clock, which in my opinion is not good, because for me a good night sleep is the key for an active an productive morning, and well, going in at 7 means sleeping one hour less. Even though my house is not that far away form school, it is actually really close, I would have to wake up really early, at about 6 because, I take a long time to get ready. I have to admit not sleeping much makes my cranky, and no one likes cranky people. So I have to say, I discard the idea of getting in at 7. I have to confess: I still take naps, often when I go home after school, I eat lunch and sleep, even though it is just half an hour it is something, I LOVE to sleep. With this new schedule we would be getting out at two o’clock and this means longer nap time! Wuhu!!! Also getting out at 2 would give me more time to do home work, and, or I have to admit have more free time. As all things a new schedule has it’s pros and it’s cons. I am really happy because I am thrilled to see that there is only 35 more school days left to until school is over, then after that we start a whole new time period in are life, we will be moving up, to a whole new sector in the school; high school. I personally am excited but as well very nervous. We will leave remarkable marks in the Middle School, for the wonderful generation we have been, but now it’s time for us to move un and settle into High School. We change, mature, grow, and now I feel we are ready to move un as a whole grade and take the challenge of High School. We are a very united generation and I hope it stays the same, thought the rest of our school years. I want to thank everyone for a wonderful year, all the teachers, and students, I have had some much fun, and I am delighted to see that I will be moving about, and passing another time of my life with you guys. Thank You very much, and I hope to see you all next year in High School.




           Miami is a very wonderful place. It has beautiful beaches, delicious restaurants and obviously great shopping malls. Within Miami there are a vast variety of activities to choose from. They range form going to the beach, shopping, or simply just relaxing. I love going to Miami, because I do different thing there, but my all time favorite is obviously SHOPING!! I go to Miami a lot because, well my family loves the spot, and when I arrive there, I sleep plenty, but I also have the option to socialize because due to all the years I’ve gone I already have some friends. Miami is often for me not as relaxing because, when we go I see many friends and family, and in Miami you reconnect with people you know from all over. Generally for me in Miami going to the mall is a weakly or some times even a daily thing. In the mall I shop, go to the movies, or just simply eat from the stupendous food choice. The closest mall to me and the best one, I believe is Aventura mall. Like here, in the mall you se many people, I mostly find family, but sometimes I also find my friends and that’s great. In Miami I love spending time with my sister, because we have so much fun having movie nights, shopping, eating, and talking about life. I love my sister and in Miami I have a wonderful time partly and mostly because of her. I cannot conclude this entry any other way than saying that I love Miami. For al you shopping fans I recommend you to go to Miami.





There are many places, which are special to me, but one of the most important is the country of Israel. As many of you might know I’m Jewish, and because of this I feel a more evident love for this country. I love this country as much as, my home land. Israel is a very beautiful place; it is full of nice people, gorgeous music, delicious food, and remarkable religious places. One of the main reasons why I love this country so much is because my grandparents are buried there on the Mount of Olive in Jerusalem the capital of the country. I feel so close to this nation because I know that one day if am stranded away from any other country, Israel will accept me for the simple fact that I am Jewish. This is the place were I feel closest to G-d, because there is not a land that is more sacred to the Jews than Israel! Despite the long distance between here and Israel, I tremendously enjoy going to visit this country, and no matter what I do there I never miss going to the Cotel, or in other words the Wailing Wall. In Israel I enjoy spending my time with my friends especially Liran, the daughter of my moms childhood friend. In Israel I not only enjoy going to the religious places but also relaxing in the beach, chilling with my family, and having a really fun time. I can not conclude anything else from except that it is a very special country which I will always keep close in my heart.


Philippines- A place I can call my second home…



As you may not know I am partly Filipina. My mom was born and raised in Manila, the capital of the country. I have gone various times and every time more I see the wonderful country it is. Even once my family and I went to live to the Philippines for a quarter. Those days were one of my most wonderful I have had. Even though I was young, only about five or six, I brought with me a thousand memories, which can’t be changed.  The country has improved drastically since the first time I went. The pollution problem as well as the poverty,  one has gotten better, but I will clarify one thing it still needs improvement. The Philippines is a country which has beautiful beaches, and incredible natural areas. One of the best moments I have had are those in the Beach of Maya Maya, in my Aunts beach house. I can remember going out every morning, getting dressed, having breakfast in the yard, and getting a cool refreshing bath in the Ocean. This beach is on of the most beautiful ones I have seen, it has pure, white sand and clear, blue water. These moments are not reversible. Like these I have had many some in the Polo Club with my cousins Miriam, Katie Erica, Daniela, and Jessica. Also the ones in Bagio, when we all went out in the rain, shoot our new bows and arrows, and also rode horses around the town, what a vacation we had. I was delighted to come back this past December, because I hadn’t gone in about three years. I saw my family once again and that was the most exciting of all. The few days I spent with them were like heaven to me, I had so much fun. I love this country and I wish I could spend more time in it, despite the distance. This country is one which I could call my second home and I hope one day you will all get the chance to see this thrilling country which will always belong in my heart no matter where I am, no matter what happens.


Freedome of Speech as a Blooger

Freedome of Speech

Ms. Rumford, I liked the way in which you tied up history class with Blogging. Freedom of speech is a very important right people should know about. Not only because of its benefits but also because of the restrictions it has. Freedom of speech gives us the liberty to say what we believe in a respectful, and in a unprovocative way. As a bloogger this means that basically no one can stop you from writing what you believe in moderation. In real life what you say is public but not as much as in the internet. I will put it this way if you put something in the internet you can track it down. The internet is a very public place and because of  that you have to be extra careful. I believe that you as a blogger have to also go with the right of freedom of the press because you are allowed to post any information you want, but it has to be true. You as a blogger act partly as the press and partly as a regular person. As the press because you are informing others about specific topics, and publicating posts, sort of like reporting on them. As a regular person because your just doing your job to express yourself. I encourage you all to keep on blogging and now that you know about freedom of speech use it to your advantage. Always be careful because the internet is a very public place.